About you

  • You wish to enter the Dutch market but the seat is overseas.
  • You have a successful traditional or on-line business and have a concept that you feel could be successful in Holland.
  • You have a franchise concept you wish to expand to Holland.

About Me

My name is Nick Buckley and I have 25 years experience in UK and US companies in Holland covering all operational and financial aspects of both corporate and private companies.

I have successfully run all aspects of the Dutch operation of an UK company with 75 employees (35 direct sales) with responsibility for finance, back office, pre sales, sales and aftersales both traditional direct sales and online sales.

What I can offer

  • Company set up – Advise on legal entity required
  • Legal issues – Company and Labour
  • Financial – Dutch tax and reporting requirements prior to set up and on going
  • Business Plan Preparation – Viability and Financing

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